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various autodesk products are added monthly.


introducing zoeked containers

Package an entire automation solution into one simple container that will run on any platform local or in the cloud

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zoeked for Autodesk Forge

We are adding Autodesk Forge functionality every month from file translations to design automation to BIM 360 deployment

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CAD Integrations

Zoeked can integrate Autodesk products with various cloud tools and SaaS services to fully automate your processes

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the zoeked platform is built on the latest MERN stack so its mobile out of the box. Make any engineering or CAD application run anywhere.

  • Product Configurators
  • CAD Analytics
  • Engineering Viewer
  • Augmented Reality
  • Field Documentation
  • You Dream it ... We Build it

The Future has Arrived

The latest and Greatest cloud CAD technologies in your browser


Advanced Interfaces

Our boiler plate REACT templates automate the interface design process



Autodesk Forge viewers provide the latest in design interactions on any device


Engineering Docs

We take advantage of the latest cloud tools to seamlessly deploy engineering resources


Auto Updates

IT resources are not requried to implement the services


Device Agnostic

Our late development stack allows us to build once, and run everywhere


Private Cloud

Our services are all based on Amazon AWS and can run in proviate VPN setups


Design Rich

Our services are CAD first, Cloud second providing the richest data sets for automation


Low Code

We operate with a no-code or "low code" philosophy keep overhead inexpensive

Built by Automationforce

The zoeked platform is built and maintained by AutomationForce Inc.

Automationforce has brought it's 12+ years of CAD software development expertise together to build this platform and we continue to be committed to advancing cloud technologies in the engineering and design fields.

Learn more at https://www.automationforce.com